Kayak Education

World Kayak feels that our whitewater educators are our front lines to growth, therefore our efforts in supporting educators world wide has become forefront to our initiatives.  It is World Kayak’s goals to encourage best practice in our educational sector on all levels:  marketing, sales, admin and delivery.  To this end, 2010 sees the development and launch of our paddleeducation.com web social network and portal for kayak schools, clubs and educators.

This web portal is a full social network encouraging educators continual conversation in and around kayak education.  The site has the full progression for whitewater instruction listed out in steps.  Educators are encouraged to post up their best practice, tips and tricks complete with photos and video.  Posts are ranked by their peers with the highest ranked tips naturally showing up as the ‘best of practice’ on the site.

In addition, this portal will play host to a growing number of growth models and marketing tools.  From access to partner programs like the President’s Commission, to National and State Parks and more, this valuable resource will help kayak schools, clubs and instructors find sources for more and more students.

All members are able to post up their contact information as well as any upcoming classes.  This information will automatically be posted up on the Worldkayak.com regional pages as well as the worldkayakblogs.com regional pages.  World Kayak will also be using this information to create ‘widgets’ that any 3rd party site can use to provide their audiences with a Find a Kayak Class Near You functionality.

Kayakeducation.com services and benefits include:

  • Private social network for certified instructors.
  • Full progression in detailed format of whitewater kayak education
  • Educational models for kids camps
  • A growing number of specialty models for all disciplines like Freestyle, Squirt boating, slalom, creeking and more.
  • Tips and tricks (ranked) from instructors and schools globally
  • Marketing tools cross posting your upcoming classes across the WK web network
  • Growth Models provided by industry leaders
  • Partnership opportunities with leading organizations
  • Access to an Accreditation-style standards outline helping improve business practice and health

Become a Sponsored Educator
World Kayak has a good many spots open at paddleeducation.com for a year’s membership all paid for, thanks to our generous sponsors!  To be a sponsored educator and gain access to all benefits, please fill in the application below:


Grading Programming
In most successful sports skills development is encouraged through strict grading programs.  The maintenance and management of such programs has always been at great expense.  Some nations have paddler grades and levels, many don’t.  To assist in the implementation of grading programs, the tracking of paddler records etc. World Kayak has included a full management system in their paddleeducation.com portal.  Once classes are listed, paddlers can be ‘graduated’ at specific grades.  Organizations can order WK Grading stickers to hand out to these graduated students allowing them to wear them proudly on their gear.

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