Hometown Throwdown 2013 #1-Rock Island, Trail BC

March 31st 2013 1:00pm- Hero Hole and Trail wave, Rock Island BC


This HTTD marks the beginning of the Kootenay Paddling season and the closing of the cold weather paddling scene. Every year we have been celebrating this weekend the end of cold winter paddling and the dawn of our amazing spring kayaking season. The competition is of course a friendly one with points scored for paddle twirls, smiles, and getting the crowd going. After the event, stick around for a dinner get together location TBD contact Chris Ryman (250) 304-7569 or register on the World Kayak web page.

HTTD#4- Jordan River BoaterCross Race.

Jordan River action.

World Kayak brings you another exciting event to showcase the incredible sport of WW kayaking in British Columbia with the first annual Jordan Creek Race in Revelstoke.

Revelstoke is a sleepy ski town in the West Kootenays that hosts some of the best late summer to fall creeking in the area.  The race is a first of it’s kind on the Jordan and promises to be filled with stout lines and charging paddlers.


The details….

Paddlers will race in teams of two and are responsible for safety in class 1-3 sections. They are required to carry throw bags, float bags, pin kit and knife. Paddlers must complete a familiarization run prior to racing. Volunteer safety people (SRT trained and certified)will be stationed at appropriate locations of the race course.

Registration is between 10:00-11:00am at the takeout bridge.

11:00am – All paddlers must attend a pre race meeting to determine racing order, establish teams, show required PPE/safety gear and discuss the rules of the race.


Jordan river class I-II+ race to follow for beginners, beginermediates, and intermediates This race will be open to all paddlers who want to be a part of the action but are not comfortable paddling class III+.  World Kayak encourages all paddlers to join their events for fun times and great prizes.  This race could be the first of many for any aspiring new paddlers out there.  Come to Revelstoke to check out the many gems of the amazing area.   Spectators welcome to cheer on the participants and enjoy a day on the river.

dropping the goods.

Location: Jordan River 3km from Revelstoke BC
Section: Race starts above #4 and finishes at the Bridge
Date and Time: August 25th, 10:00am to 6:00pm
Length of race: 1.6km (approx)
Expected time of race: 9-15 minutes
Participants will sign a standard waiver of liability form.
No alcohol will be served at the event.




Please contact Sam @ sam.ewing@facebook.com   or kd.selkirk@gmail.com for more information.


Kootenay Hometown Throwdown #2- INDY WAVE!

Spectator view of Indy Wave

The second HTTD to hit the koots came after wrapping up the highest water Kootenay Whitewater Festival in history on Sunday evening.  The competitors were soggy after surviving the rainy flood level festival and it seemed like the World Kayak HTTD would produce a weak turnout.  Lucky for us the sun found it’s way through the clouds and the record high water produced a surf wave in Trail that blew everyone out of the water, some literally.



Industrial hole was in last season for the first time in over 12 years as an aggressive wave hole with a 15 foot ledge hole paddlers had to cross to exit the feature.  This year due to EXTREME heavy rain, warm weather and a plentiful snow pack , Indy hole was transformed into a Skookumchuck style wave that had competitors flying high.


The expert class was a head to head arial assault by Mike G and Sven P who were nailing clean blunts, donkey flips, flashbacks and the occasional combo.  Sven came out on top after styling some consistent rides and going big. Honorable mention goes to Sam Butler and Wyatt Riegel for joining the experts and testing out the wave with decent rides and sick boat control.


It was anyones game for the intermediate event as most entries were just trying to navigate the wave  without getting tossed around by the sometimes surging hole that took the place of the usually green wave.  Two of the competitors had  lengthy swims after the wave decided to turn into a hole and chew them up but our solid safety team lead by novice kayaker Nick K had them out of the water and picked up with shuttle vehicle in no time flat.   Shout out to Abby for braving the wave in a 6’11″ Badfish SUP board retuning to try it again with nothing but smiles on her face.

The second Home Town Throwdown was a great success thanks to the sun for finally appearing, high water for giving us a remarkable wave and all the participants and spectators for coming out after a looong weekend of extraordinary rain and high water paddling.

Abby trying the new SUP on a giant indy wave


Thanks to Jason K and Kel S for the photos!


Kootenay Whitewater Festival- Coming soon!!


A Whitewater weekend packed with exciting events, prizes, concert and a LOT of paddling!Kootenays- Borderline Boaters is stoked to be presenting this year Kootenay Whitewater Festival from June 23 and 24th, hosted at Endless Adventure in Crescent Valley. The weekend starts off with some meet and greet at the Endless Adventure campground and leads up to some exciting paddling! This is an intermediate paddle fest with a variety of clinics for all skill levels, including beginners.
The weekend starts off with a river run and clinics, followed by lunch, land games and more paddling in the afternoon. Dinner on your own then back in action for The Evening Entertainment ~ opening act Roy Has Fire, featuring a five piece band and wrapping up the evening with a local hip hop band . Pilates Sunday morning with Live It Up Fitness, then a river run, Team Ball Race and Boater Cross for the rest of the afternoon. Finishing the weekend off with prizes and give-aways.  Stick around for the area’s second Hometown Throwdown competition at Brilliant wave!
Guided river runs on the some of the West Kootenays classics. The Kootenay Whitewater Festival is for intermediate paddler and the clinics are available for those that want to brush up on their skills. Endless Adventure will be hosting a Playboating clinic on Saturday, a Creaking clinic on Sunday, and the Basic skills and rolling clinic both days. The clinic are an additional $30 each.
Early registration is before Thursday June 21 for a discount of $10 at Endless Adventure, or register at Endless Adventure on Saturday June 23, $60 for the weekend which includes lunch both days, t-shirt, prize, Party, camping. Don’t be late! Registration and sign up goes from 8:15 to 9:00am! For more info about the festival or other events, feel free to call Endless Adventure at 1-877-FUN-8181 or email info@endlessadventure.ca.


Solstice wave above Brilliant!

Hometown Throwdown #2 – Brilliant Wave!!!

Dragan and Robert enjoying the view at Brilliant Wave

Dragan and Robert enjoying the view at Brilliant Wave

This Saturday September 3rd World Kayak will be hosting a fun-loving competition at our famous Brilliant Wave.  In true WK style there will be a feature for the eager beginner on the entry eddy of Brilliant wave and for the daring intermediate paddlers the surf off will take place on Brilliant itself! Two categories for double the fun and something for everyone.

Borderline Boaters Prez styling Brilliant Wave!

Borderline Boaters Prez styling Brilliant Wave!


Date:  Saturday August 3rd

Time: 11:00 am

Location: Brilliant Wave, Castlegar BC, below Brilliant Dam on the Kootenay River

Directions From Nelson or Slocan Valley:  Drive West towards Castlegar on Highway 3A from Nelson. Before entering Castlegar over the Kootenay River Bridge take a right towards Robson. Your next left is Brilliant Rd. Take this over the railroad tracks and another left on Brilliant Rd.  This road will turn into a dirt road after passing through the Brilliant community, don’t speed please.  Once you are on a dirt road you will pass under  the Kootenay River Bridge and past the Doukabour Bridge.  Park at the roads dead end and walk further upstream just past a white temporary building walk towards the river and find a gravel trail built for the 1998 Nationals.  take this trail past the wave and switch back to the wave for a perfect spectator and put in for the eddy.

Directions from Trial, Rossland, Castlegar:  Drive from Castlegar  East on Highway 3A towards Nelson.  Take a right switchback on the Highway to Robson and left on Brilliant Rd.  Follow above directions from this point.

Scoring:  Do your best, be playful and smile, you will be rewarded for your fun factor!

Ranking:  If you wish to be ranked on the World Kayak Circuit for a chance to win a Jackson Kayak annual $10 fee is all you need.  If you do not want to be ranked the event is FREE!!!

Prizes:  Of course!

Contact Information: Endless Adventure , Chris Ryman  (250) 359-8181

Brilliant Dam

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