OIA Participation Report Lists Whitewater Kayaking in top 3 for Participation!


One happy moment for me this year was ripping the cover off of the annual OIA Report on Participation to see Whitewater Kayaking in 3rd place behind Adventure Racing and Hiking as the top sports in 2008-2009 with an average participation increase of 10.2% over the last report… and #1 in size of leap it has taken.

I say Kudos to all who strive each day to get your friends out and paddling!

It is this very report that comes out showing numbers that seemingly were stagnant over the past decade prompting the doomsday crowd to the forefront calling for the end of the world… I’ll say now what I said then… BLA BLA BLA… You know who you  are…  For all those who took those previous numbers and actually did something about it… High Five!  Job well done!  I’m happy to report that World Kayak sees many more positive people out there and hope that keeps comin’… 2012 numbers will show even bigger numbers… hopefully knocking that adventure racing crowd into the rivers!

Growth in any sport is all about community activity, fun and spreading the good word.  Cheers to all our ambassadors and their peeps in each region for doing just that!  Keep having fun and let us know how we can help!

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